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4 Reasons to Avoid a Budget Safe

Being frugal is not just about saving money and being thrifty. It also means knowing when it is wise to spend your money on certain items, and this includes when buying a home safe.


Purchasing a budget safe could actually cost you more in the future, especially if your home is burglarized. Here are four reasons why you should avoid purchasing a budget safe.


1. Cheap Construction and Materials

A budget safe is likely to be made with cheaper and THINNER metal like 16- or 18-gauge steel. This does not offer much protection for your valuables or important documents from theft. A good safe should be made with at least 12-gauge steel with at least 1/2” thick steel or composite steel door and have an adequate Underwriter Laboratory (UL) burglar rating. Outside of the safe’s construction, a budget safe is also not going to have a high-quality electronic lock or adequate locking mechanisms around all sides of its door either.

2. Less Than Stellar Warranties

Budget home safes are not going to come with a great warranty because they are not built to last. Being it is made with lesser quality parts and materials, your warranty is likely to expire within 90 days to a year. You will be responsible for repair costs or replacing defective parts.

3. Makes It Easier for Burglars

Because a budget home safe is likely to be small and lighter, a burglar can easily save time by smashing it open with a regular hammer or prying it open with a screwdriver. And if they are in a hurry, they can simply grab the safe, run, and then open the safe in another location.

4. Poor Heat and Fire Resistance

Low-end safes may claim they offer heat and fire resistance, but is it enough? Not really because they are lacking when it comes to having multiple layers of fireboard or door seals that are heat-activated. Most budget safes claim to protect the contents for 30 minutes. If you are not home or live in a remote area, a fire might not be immediately discovered. So, this could make a budget safe pretty worthless in the event of a fire.

Why Is a Liberty Home Safe a Worthwhile Investment?

We are not going to lie to you. You do need to pay a little more for a quality safe. But what price are you willing to put on protecting your guns, your important documents, or your family’s valuables or sentimental keepsakes? Even with Liberty’s entry level home safe series, you get:

  • A choice of three sizes
  • UL rated 12 gauge steel body
  • 3/4” total body thickness
  • 4” total door thickness with 1” composite door front
  • Four-sided door bolt coverage
  • SecuRam Backlit Electronic Lock
  • Fire resistance up to 60 minutes at 1200 degrees
  • Three layers of fireboard in walls, ceiling, and door
  • Palusol™ 7X Heat Activated door seal
  • Superior warranty

Do not settle for a budget safe.