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A Gun Safe Equals Greater Peace of Mind

When it comes to your family, you want to do whatever you can to protect them. Having a gun in your home is one way to protect them from intruders who could do them harm. However, if that gun were to fall into the wrong hands, whether one of your children, one of your children’s friends or a burglar who has broken into your home, not only your family’s safe could be at risk, but that of others in your community. If you do not already own one, a gun safe is one of the best ways to prevent gun theft, unauthorized access to your guns and give you greater peace of mind.


Keeping Your Guns Out of the Hands of Crooks

Most home burglaries last no longer than 10 minutes, and many of them are committed by inexperienced burglars. While these guys might not be smooth criminals, they know enough to go looking for an easy score. Hiding your gun in your sock drawer, under your mattress or in a display cabinet is an open invitation for a crook to steal it. A gun safe in your home prevents gun theft!

Once a thief has his hands on your gun, he could use it in future crimes, which now puts the lives of others at risk. Or because guns bring a good price on the streets, a burglar is also likely to sell a stolen gun to other thieves who cannot purchase a gun legally because of their criminal records.

Keeping Your Guns Away from Your Kids

If you have kids in your house, you need to lock up your guns. Times have changed, many of us grew up in homes where guns where around and we had a healthy fear of never touching them because our parents told us never to touch them. Today, we hear of too many tragedies in the news where young children get their hands on their parents’ guns and either shoot themselves, another child or in some cases, their parents. Young children are naturally curious and often won't think twice about treating a gun as a toy. And up to eight children areaccidently shot every day because a child has been able to gain access to a gun.

But it's not just small children that need to be protected. It's your older children, too. The phenomenon of school shootings committed by teens continues to be a danger to students. Being a teen can be tough these days between peer pressure and the growing issues of bullying and drug use. With emotions and hormones running high, the last thing a parent wants is their child taking their gun and killing others because they are unable to handle their stress. Preventing the theft of your guns by children could save your child’s live and lives of many others.