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Handgun Vault Spotlight

Maybe you own one or a few handguns. Perhaps you need to secure your duty pistol when you aren’t on the job. A Liberty Safe is great for that, but maybe you want something even smaller. A handgun vault is the next best option to safely secure your smaller firearms, important papers or valuables.

Security is what matters. Liberty Safe offers three categories of handgun vaults. Some vaults are designed to be portable and come with a security cable. Some can be mounted to a wall or floor.

Biometric Smart Vaults

When speed counts, all you need to open a Liberty Safe biometric smart vault is a finger swipe. These handgun vaults are powered by a 9-vault battery and will unlock within 1.63 seconds of your swipe.

For faster performance, you can add the optional AC adapter that boosts unlocking time to one second. All biometric smart vaults are equipped with a key backup system just in case your battery dies or power goes out. Depending on the model you choose, you can add store 15-30 different finger swipes, so other adults in your home can also gain access when needed.

These heavy-duty handgun vaults are covered by a 5-year replacement warranty if defects occur. They are made from 14-gauge steel and feature reinforced latch systems and anti-pry tabs to resist burglary attempts. Liberty sells the following biometric models, and all are California-approved firearm safety devices:

Quick Combo Vaults

Liberty’s Quick Combo handgun vaults are constructed with sturdy steel and are California-approved firearm safety devices. There are three different models to choose from; each is equipped with a quick and secure Soft Touch electronic combo lock powered by a 9-volt battery with a key backup. All Quick Combo vaults are covered by Liberty’s 2-year replacement warranty.

  • The HD-100 is ideal for storing your handgun in discreet places, like your vehicle’s glove compartment, under the car seat, nightstand or suitcase. This mini-gun safe is TSA-compatible and comes with a security cable for added protection in your home or automobile.
  • The HD-200 and HD-300 are larger models featuring an angled door to allow for maximum visibility when opening. Both models feature factory-drilled holes to allow for secure mounting from the inside for added security.

Key Vaults

Liberty Safe is known for its commitment to security solutions for every budget. Our key vaults are an affordable answer to securing your handguns. We offer two models of key vaults; both are constructed from sturdy steel. They are California-approved firearm safety devices and are covered by Liberty’s 2-year replacement warranty.

Both the HD-50 and HD-90 are TSA-compatible for airline use. With their compact size, both are great for concealing handguns on closet shelves, in nightstands or underneath vehicle seats. A security cable is included with both models for additional security.

Keep your handguns secure!