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How Much Does the Steel in Your Home Safe Matter?

A low price or fancy gimmick can hide the fact that a gun safe is made with low-quality or extremely thin steel. If a manufacturer’s claims of performance seem too good to be true for the price of their safes, chances are they are made with cheap materials, including inferior steel. If you want to ensure that your firearms and your family’s valuables are kept protected, the steel in your gun safe does matter. And it matters a lot!

Quality of Steel Always Matters!

When it comes to gun safe steel, you want only the best American-made steel for the highest level of protection. But this does come at a higher cost. Manufacturers of mass-produced safes need to cut corners to keep their overhead low. To do this, they manufacture their safes overseas and often with lesser quality steel that does not go through the rigorous testing process of American-made steel.

Not All Steel Alloys Are Good for Safes

While some additions of metals to a steel alloy are intended to enhance the strength and quality of the steel, like chromium or additional carbon, some foreign steel producers add boron. This addition can cause the steel to crack easier than the standard American mix of iron and carbon. Steel producers are required to disclose how much boron is in their steel, but this does not always happen.

Gauge is Always Crucial!

A safe that is constructed with thick, strong steel is harder to break into than a safe made with thinner sheets of steel. The thicker the gauge of steel, the better security it provides. You will pay more for a high-quality safe made with 10- or 7-gauge steel than you would for one made with 14-gauge steel. But the tradeoff is that you have a more secure gun safe; one a burglar will have difficulty drilling through without special tools. Thicker steel also helps protect the contents in your safe from fire.

Weight of Steel Matters

It is always recommended you bolt your gun safe to the floor. But if this isn’t possible, a safe made of thick, high-quality steel will still weigh more than one made of lesser quality steel. The weight of your gun safe can prevent it from being carted off or tipped over to try to smash it open.

Only the Best for Liberty Gun Safes

Liberty Safe only uses high-quality American gun safe steel to build our safes. Our safes might cost a little more than mass-produced safes made overseas. But you can rest assured that no corners have been cut with materials or manufacturing to boost our bottom line.

See the difference that high-quality gun safe steel makes for yourself.