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How to Choose a Home Safe for an Apartment

Living in an apartment could make it a little bit more challenging if you want to have a higher quality safe to protect your valuables. Because of the size of most apartments, you could have space considerations and challenges in actually getting the safe into one. However, this is not a problem if you choose a home safe from Liberty Safe.

Unique Security Concerns of Apartment Renters

If you live in an apartment, you probably have several security concerns. An apartment building sees a lot of foot traffic between other renters, their visitors, maintenance people, and prospective renters. Even if you add additional locks to your doors and take extra precautions, the risk always exists that your apartment could be burglarized, especially if you live in a city setting.

A home safe can keep your jewelry, important documents, and other valuables much safer than storing them in drawers or trying to keep them hidden. But the problem with most small-sized safes that you can purchase from your local big box store is they are small and easy to carry off or smash onsite. And it could be difficult to find a landlord that will allow you to bolt your home safe to your floor or wall.

A Better Choice

You could choose that lightweight home safe that provides very little security. But why would you when you could choose a Liberty home safe? This is a safe that comes equipped with trusted security features and provides a minimum of 60 minutes of fire protection for its contents. Whether you choose one of Liberty’s entry level home safes or premium home safes, you can choose from a total of seven different sizes. This means that there is a size that will meet the size constraints that you might have in your apartment.

Narrow hallways or doorways are not an issue for bringing a Liberty home safe into your apartment. Most models have a maximum depth of 22.5 inches, which only requires a minimum doorway width clearance of 22.5 inches.

Small but Mighty

What makes Liberty home safes much better than mass-produced cheaply made safes is their strong steel construction and superior locking system. The smallest home safe that Liberty sells is the Premium Home 05 that takes up a footprint (width x depth) of 24 inches x 20 inches with a height of 24 inches. The next model up, the Premium Home 08 has a height of 30 inches. These two safes are no lightweights as they weigh in at 265 and 325 pounds respectively. So, even if you cannot bolt your safe to the floor or wall in your apartment, it is going to be very difficult for a burglar to carry it away.

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