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Keeping Your Liberty Safe in Tip Top Shape

Purchasing a gun safe is a smart investment. It can protect not only your guns, but your valuables and most importantly, your family. With all the work and quality that goes into building a Liberty Gun Safe, this is often a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. While a gun safe does not require as much maintenance as a car or your home’s heating system, there are some simple maintenance tasks you can do to help ensure your safe will last a lifetime.

Caring for Your Safe’s Finish

Remember how shiny and new your gun safe looked on the day it was delivered to your home? It is possible to keep that shine! Because you might not go in your gun safe every day, you may not notice if dust builds up on its exterior, no matter how clean your home is. As dust accumulates longer on any surface, it tends to harden. And this can make it more difficult to remove it from your safe’s finish.

But it is not just your safe’s appearance; accumulated dust or dirt can also interfere with your safe’s ability to open or close. To prevent dust from building up and dulling your safe’s exterior, remove dust at least once a month with a duster or soft cloth that is designed to prevent scratches.

Removing Fingerprints or Dirt

If your safe has fingerprints or other smudges or dirt on its exterior, these can simply be simply wiped away with a soft cloth and water. Do not use any harsh spray cleaners that can cloud or even damage the painted finish of your safe. Be careful when cleaning logos or silkscreened areas on your safe.

Once clean, use another soft, non-abrasive cloth (think microfiber) to dry the cleaned areas. You can also use this method to clean any dirty metal parts on your safe. Do not use metal cleaners or polishes on these parts because this will damage their finishes.

Keep Moving Parts Lubricated

The last thing you want to happen when you fetch gun out of your safe is a nasty surprise: Its bolts or bars won’t budge. Make it a habit to lubricate your safe’s locking bolts or bars at least once a year. Don’t forget to lubricate your safe’s hinges, too!

Replacing Batteries in Lock

If your safe is equipped with an electronic lock, you want to ensure that your lock is always ready to open when you need it. It is a good idea to replace the batteries in your lockevery six to 12 months. An easy way to remember this is to do it whenever you replace the batteries in your smoke detector.

The “key” to maintaining your safe is having it serviced right away if you notice a problem.