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Liberty Safe Security Feature: SureTight Handle With Slip-Clutch

Liberty Safe is not a company to rest on its laurels! As the manufacturer of some of the most secure gun safes in the industry, we are always looking for additional ways to improve our safes. Liberty has always been an innovator in the safe industry, and one of our latest innovative security features is the Suretight Handle with patent-pending Slip-Clutch Technology.

Benefits of the Suretight Handle

All Liberty Safes now come equipped with an upgraded Suretight Handle. This handle has a front locking bolt, which is a lock fitting bolt that firmly secures the handle to the safe. The bolt is located under the torch or Monster Mech emblem that is proudly displayed on your safe’s handle. No matter how much the handle is played, the handle will not come loose. This bolt eliminates loose hubs so your handle will remain tight.

Benefits of Slip-Clutch Technology

As an added security measure, the handle is outfitted with Liberty’s innovative Slip-Clutch technology. Once thieves realize the handle cannot be jiggled on your safe to possibly open it, they may resort to more destructive methods to gain entry. If someone attempts to torque the safe’s handle with a pipe, it will cause the clutch to slip to protect the locking mechanism.

How Do You Know Liberty Safes Are Secure?

All Liberty safes, except for our line of Home safes and Revolution models are UL-listed. And the only reason why those safes are not listed is because they are made with 14-gauge steel, but they do offer Liberty’s other UL-listed security features.

It is features like Liberty’s Suretight Handle and Slip-Clutch Technology that have earned our gun safes this rating. UL hires professional safe crackers to test safes. Some of the testing methods used are drilling, punching, prying, chiseling and tampering attacks to the safe’s handle, lock, locking mechanism and body. These are the likely ways a thief might attempt to break into a safe.

When testing Liberty’s gun safes, UL has already studied the safes’ engineering drawings. They have also opened the safe and removed the door’s panel to located all the safe’s security features and analyze them. Once the UL safe cracker has completely studied the safe, that’s when the fun begins.

The safe is closed, locked, and they are given five minutes to break into the safe. Despite knowing where to attack during UL testing, Liberty’s security features prevented professionals from breaking in.

If a professional safe cracker can’t break into a Liberty safe, you can trust it to protect your family’s firearms and valuables.