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Liberty Safe Supports First Responders

America’s first responders and military put their lives on the line every day, saving others and protecting our freedom and liberty. Instead of running away from danger, they run toward it to safeguard each and every one of us and our families. Liberty supports the military, police, fire and other emergency first responders. And to show our gratitude, we offer a mail-in rebate program  designed just for these brave and selfless individuals.

Who is Eligible for This Mail-In Rebate?

To be eligible for this first responder rebate, you must be one of the following:

  • Emergency medical services worker
  • Firefighter
  • Military member
  • Police officer

Remember to ask for your first responder rebate form from your local safe dealer when you purchase a safe. You can also contact Liberty’s customer service for a form.

Liberty Safe’s First Responder Rebate Program

To receive Liberty’s first responder rebate, you must complete 5 steps:

  1. Register your safe online
  2. Completely fill out your rebate form
  3. Attach a copy of your receipt to the rebate form
  4. Mail the rebate form and attached copy of your receipt to:

Liberty Safe
c/o Rebate Department
1199 West Utah Avenue
Payson, Utah 84651

How Much Money Can You Get Back?

With Liberty Safe’s first responder rebate program, eligible customers can receive rebates ranging from $25-$250, depending on how much they spend on a full-sized gun safe for their home or office. The amount associated with the rebate does not include tax or delivery charges in the total amount eligible for the rebate. The amount eligible for the rebate is the purchase price of the gun safe and any accessories you may also purchase.

When you spend:

  • $699-999 You get $25.00 back
  • $1,000-1,499 You get $50.00 back
  • $1,500-1,999 You get $75.00 back
  • $2,000-2,999 You get $100.00 back
  • $3,000-3,999 You get $150.00 back
  • $4,000 and up You get $250.00 back

Handgun Vaults Also Eligible for Rebates

The purchase of a handgun vault is an important piece of equipment for police officers. Officers must safely store their service revolver at home when off-duty or when transporting it to and from work each day. Liberty also offers a first responder rebate for three of our popular handgun vaults.

Purchase a:

  • Multi/HDX350 Handgun Vault – You get $20.00 back
  • Multi/HDX250 Handgun Vault – You get $15.00 back
  • Mini/HDX150 Handgun Vault – Your get $10.00 back

Be rewarded for your service!