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Thicker Bars and Enhanced Lock Guards with Safe Security Level 5

Level 5 security level safes offer increased security with thicker locking bars and a tougher ball-bearing hardplate lock guard. Level 5 safes, like the Lincoln are:

  • California DOJ Approved
  • Constructed with 3/8-inch thick steel locking bars
  • Made with 11-gauge steel
  • Made with a ball-bearing hardplate lock guard
  • Manufactured with a 1-inch Tough door
  • Protected by a DX-90 Monster locking mechanism
  • UL-Listed as a UL 8M10 Residential Security Container (RSC)
Don’t settle for less than a Liberty safe!

Meets UL-Listed Requirements for RSC

The UL certification for 8M10 Residential Security Containers (RSC) is the industry standard for home gun safes. You can be certain that your Level 5 gun safe has earned its certification through intensive testing when you see the UL Seal of Approval on the inside of your safe’s door.

Strong Steel Construction

Level 5 safes feature 11-gauge steel construction. This strong steel outweighs 12-gauge by almost a half pound per square foot. You get a heavy safe that is strong enough to resist drilling attempts from burglars.

What is a Tough Door?

Security Level 5 safes include Liberty’s 1-inch Tough Doors. These doors feature an inner steel door plate for even more security than what is offered by a 1" composite door found in Level 2 and 3 gun safes.

Monster Locking Mechanism

The lock of a Liberty gun safe is the first line of defense against thieves. But what happens if that lock is broken or smashed? A Security Level 5 safe features a DX-90 Monster Mech locking mechanism with an over-center, direct-drive cam mechanism. This superior mechanism protects the safe from side bolt punch attacks by removing pressure from all the safe’s locking bolts.

An added benefit is Liberty’s innovative, patent-pending slip-clutch technology that disconnects the safe’s clutch if a thief tries to torque the handles. This mechanism is included with all safes equipped with 1-inch Tough Doors.

Even Thicker Bars with a Security Level 5 Safe

Security Level 5 safes have 3/8"-thick, military-style locking bars. These bars outperform traditional locking pins to keep burglars out with added surface for a stronger defense against a break-in. Depending on the safe size, Lincoln Series gun safes have up to 15 locking bars for excellent protection at affordable prices.

Ball-Bearing Hardplate for Superior Security

The triple hardplate steel used as a lock guard in Liberty’s Level 2-4 gun safes is extremely strong. But Level 5 safes are made even stronger with a ball-bearing hardplate. This special hardplate has ball-bearings embedded into the steel hardplate. The safe’s locking mechanism remains protected. A burglar will quickly become frustrated trying to drill into this plate because his drill bit will snap or just constantly spin on the bearings.

Liberty Safes offer both burglar and fire protection, which is something not all safes from other manufacturers provide. Liberty Safe makes added security affordable.