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3 Reasons to Upgrade to a Better Safe

Most of the time buying a safe for your home is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. But sometimes life situations change, and you might find yourself wanting to upgrade your safe. Here are three reasons why you should consider upgrading your safe.


1. Increased Security

The number of gun thefts across the United States continues to dramatically increase with each year. Many of these guns are used to commit other crimes, which are often violent. Upgrading a safe to one that features enhanced security features could prevent the theft of your firearms.

It could also protect your valuables and documents that could be used for identity theft or threaten your financial security. When shopping for a safe, look for such features as:

  • Heavy, thick steel uni-body construction
  • Military-style locking bars
  • Superior locking mechanisms with slip clutch technology
  • UL-listed safe lock

2. Enhanced Fire Protection

While the number of wildfires across the United States has decreased, those that do happen have been more catastrophic. You need a safe that can withstand a fireand keep your firearms, valuables and important documents safe. If fire protection is a concern, you should upgrade to a safe that has:

  • Heat activated, expandable door seals
  • Multiple layers of UL-rated fireboard in the ceiling, walls, door and door jamb
  • Thick, steel walls

3. Appropriate Space

When shopping for a safe, it can be hard to anticipate what your future storage needs might be. A regret many safe buyers often have is not buying a bigger safe. It is always better to buy a larger safe because once it’s in your home, you may discover more things you want to protect.

Over time, you may acquire new firearms or other items you want to protect in your safe but have no more room left. The solution is to upgrade to a larger safe. Depending on the model you choose, upgrading to a larger size now is more cost-effective than upgrading your too-small safe later.

Upgrade to a Liberty Safe

If your reasons for upgrading a safe are for added security, added fire protection and added space, you need a Liberty safe. Why? Because our safes are known for their reliability and ability to stand up to some of life’s worst challenges and still keep what’s inside safe. Our safes come in a wide range of models in all sizes that offer superior security and fire protection.

Choosing one of Liberty’s high-quality safes is always a wise decision.