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3 Types of Liberty Safe Locking Mechanisms

You can have the toughest gun safe made with the thickest steel and outfitted with one of the best locks in the industry. But if your locking mechanism is lacking, you are just throwing your money away. If your lock is smashed, your locking mechanism should be designed to stop a thief from getting your safe’s door open.


Liberty Safe believes there is no room to skimp when it comes to your safe’s locking mechanism. That is why we use only the best locking mechanisms in all our gun safes. Depending on the model you choose, you will have one of three different locking mechanisms.


What Job Does a Locking Mechanism Do?

A safe’s locking mechanism is controlled by its lock. Whether you have a mechanical lock where you dial a three-digit code into or an electronic lock where you punch a six-digit code into a keypad, the locking mechanism is responsible for retracting the locking bolts/bars in your safe’s door. If you dial or enter the wrong code into your lock, it will not trigger your safe’s locking mechanism into action. So, in reality, it is an important part of your safe’s security features.

1. Direct-Drive Cam Mechanism

All of Liberty’s entry level gun safes, including the Centurion, USA, Fatboy Jr. and Colonial models are equipped with Direct-Drive Cam mechanisms. This provides a smooth direct-drive connection to the safe door’s bolts. While it is a relatively simple technology, it is a technology that has been proven to be very effective in keeping a safe locked.

2. DX-90 Monster Mech, Over-Center Cam Mechanism

Liberty’s mid-range gun safes that feature Liberty Tough Doors are equipped with the DX-90 Monster Mech, Over-Center Cam mechanism. This includes both the Franklin, Fatboy Classic Select and Lincoln models. This upgraded locking mechanism provides added protection by preventing access to the safe through side-bolt punching. Its over-center cam uses a unique “dead lock” system to remove all pressure from locking bolts.

3. GX-480 Monster Mech, Over-Center, Gear-Drive Mechanism

Liberty’s best safes, the Presidential #1-rated gun safe and National Security series feature our most secure locking mechanism. The GX-480 Monster Mech, Over-Center, Gear-Drive mechanism gives you an added gear-drive feature for a smoother feel with its operation. This mechanism also provides superior side-bolt punching protection.

Liberty’s Bonus Slip-Clutch Technology

All Liberty gun safes are equipped with our patent-pending Slip-Clutch Technology and upgraded Suretight Handle. If a burglar tries to torque your safe’s handle with a pipe or wrench, its shaft will slip. This releases the pressure on your locking mechanism and prevents it from breaking. Slip clutch technology comes standard with all safes as a bonus to the already great benefits our mechanisms provide.