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Is it worth the extra money to buy a Biometric lock?

Once you have decided to purchase a safe, you then need to decide what type of lock would be the best fit for you. The more common choices are mechanical and electronic safe locks. Electronic biometric locks are also gaining in popularity among gun safe owners. However, when considering this type of lock, you should ask yourself whether this type of lock is really worth the added expense.

How Does a Biometric Lock Work?

The term biometrics refers to using a physical characteristic to identify a person. Biometric scanning has been around for quite a while. Most people are familiar with its existence from seeing it in spy movies when a character scans their hand or eye to open a door. Characteristics that are commonly used for biometric identifications are fingerprints, eye retinal or iris structure, facial recognition or hand geometry. The most common biometric used for gun safes is a finger print, which cannot be imitated or stolen like a gun safe code.

Potential Issues for Biometric Locks

Biometric locks can speed up the process of opening your gun safe, but they do have some limitations, especially if you have a lower quality lock. For the average gun owner, you should go with a commercial quality system that features a capacitive/semiconductor fingerprint sensor, especially if you regularly work with your hands. Why? Because your fingers are more prone to injuries like cuts or abrasions that could change your fingerprints. A better-quality scanner can help with this problem, and also allow you to enroll multiple fingers into the lock.

Reliable and Rugged Liberty Safe Biometric Locks

Liberty Safe can equip your safe with a ScanLogic Swipe Safe Lock system, which is a very reliable biometric lock. These safe locks are thoroughly quality tested before they leave SecuRam’s factory. This biometric lock features rugged stainless steel construction and a semiconductor swipe fingerprint authentication to give you reliable and fast service every time you use it. Each lock also features a 10-digit administrator code.

Liberty Safe also sells biometric smart vaults that have been rated as the #1 most reliable biometric smart vaults. Depending on the model you choose, our smart vaults feature 5th and 6th generation advanced biometric systems. They give you the speed you need to get to your firearms as quickly as possible in two seconds or less, depending on your chosen model. In the unlikely event the vault fails to open, it does have a key backup.

When speed is an issue, biometric safe locks might be an option for you.